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Menstrual blood is one of the most effective bodily fluids you can use in magick and witchcraft. If you are a person who menstruates, you can take advantage of this powerful substance and enhance your magickal practice. Here’s how I use menstrual blood in my practice of magick.

Many people, cultures, and magickal traditions fear menstrual blood. In some cultures, people forced menstruating women to sit in separate huts because they thought they would disrupt the energies of a ritual. Sometimes, this separation has sinister consequences. Earlier this year (2018) in Nepal, a woman died while being banished to a menstrual hut. She lit a fire to keep warm and died from smoke inhalation.

However, I and other witches/magicians/Satanists use menstrual blood in spells and rituals. The results are too good to pass up.

I think menstrual blood is useful in theistic Satanism because it’s taboo yet entirely natural. Menstrual blood is considered “forbidden” by many different religions, but not by Satan. I believe that in Satan’s eyes, menstrual blood signifies personal power, creativity, and the force of attraction. Menstrual blood symbolizes the self’s ability to create and transform.

Menstrual blood is also considered Satanic by Abrahamic religions. I once learned in my Bible As Literature class that in Hebrew society, men weren’t allowed to sit where menstruating women sat. Abrahamic religions think menstruation is “unclean,” thereby falling into the realm of Satan.

My mother always told me that a woman’s power is peaking whenever she’s having her period. I now know that people who aren’t women are also capable of menstruation, but the same concept applies to them. My mom taught me that any time I menstruate, my manifesting abilities heighten. It’s a perfect time for doing witchcraft.

In my experience, menstrual blood amplifies the effects of any spell I use it in. Only use menstrual blood in spells you want to be connected to. Menstrual blood bonds you to whatever force you choose to apply it to. Don’t use menstrual blood for curses or hexes. If you want to cast a curse or hex, use blood drawn from your body, preferably during a moment of anger.