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A simple spell to break up a couple

“Stands on one nail” is a popular expression that dates back to a hundred years ago. People used it to describe, for example, something that looked solid but in reality, was poorly built. It also applied to relationships that seemed perfect to an outsider but were shaky and there was barely anything in them keeping the partners together. Such couples are not uncommon and a lot of people stay together out of habit or fear to be alone or have to start over, even though their love is long gone and they’re no longer happy together.

However, home magic is unlikely to destroy strong relationships, yet it’ll take its toll on you. When the couple pushes the destructive energy of your ritual away, the energy will come back to you. As your creator, you won’t be able to protect yourself from it. This is when a loneliness program will prevail in your life and you’ll find yourself unable to love and be loved. I,  Toti, have already told you why black magic rituals may transform into a self-curse, so I strongly suggest that you find those articles and read them carefully before you perform any rituals at all.
My advice is for you to have a professional magic practitioner cast your breakup a couple of spells. This is how you can avoid putting yourself at risk. Moreover, such rituals should be followed by a love spell. Besides, this love spell should be put on the target as soon as possible before the target has a chance to fall in love with someone else.